wiry smile

I had to laugh at this sketch. It was the last of the night, trying to use pastel colours. As you can see, I dont use pastels very often. Upon giving up on the sketch I flipped my pad to our beautiful model Ika in mid pose and was given a delightful wiry smile. This made my efforts well worthwhile. Great to be back figure drawing even if the sketch was bad.


4 responses to “wiry smile

  1. Hey, that sketch wasn’t bad. I actually like it a lot. Kinda reminds me of some of my stuff. Not every drawing, sketch, piece of work is a masterpiece. I think what is important is that you are doing it. And fast sketches is an excellent way to both loosen and free yourself up.

  2. I like always the volume and the highlights you use. Kind of gives it this mmm, plastic-y, but more like slick, latex-y feel ~_~

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