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5 dogs



portrait 3/52


architecture past


hand & toe

Relaxing on the floor with hand & toe. It’s so good to stretch out my knots and let my mind wander. Not a bad job. Naked and free and the focus of everyone’s attention. I hope they want a long sketch cause I could lie here for ages.


a little bit of everything

This painting has a little bit of everything. It started as a pencil sketch. Then some ink work. Followed by acrylic paint. I even spilled some tea on her arm by mistake and decided to continue painting tea bag on her arm.
Happy Monday. Lying in bed wondering how to get up. Temperature says 11deg Celsius. Brrrrr.


I may draw your attention to the stiletto. I started drawing a foot. The foot looked very mangled and obtuse. I tried to fix the foot. Gave up and drew a stiletto instead. Kinda like the idea though. 🙂